Our Film

For one day in June 2017, we filmed what was going on in our school.  We wanted everyone to be able to see the sorts of things children at Winton get up to, as part of their normal school life.  Wwe have worked hard to improve the curriculum, ensure topics are engaging and provide the best opportunities we can for our young learners.  We are proud of what they achieve.  Please take the time to watch our film and let us know what you think!



Amazingly good !!!!!!!

Great film

I love you winton

Great film 😄 Makes me want to come to school 😄😄

Winton is an amazing school. Everyone would be so happy to go here. I don't want to ever leave.

What a great film! Really shows the diversity of opportunities you give to our children and how hard you and they all work. Well done and thank you!

I really enjoy watching it especially seeing my friends in there

my brother was in it great

What a lovely movie, it shows the vast range of activities and teaching and the work and effort everyone puts in. Winton school is a happy school which you can tell from the children's faces. I'm sure my son will be sad to leave next year!


This was last year I miss my old class room I would never leave

A real insight into life at Winton. This film has it all - active learning, student participation, purposeful use of technology, growth mindset. What an inspiring advert for the school.

Where has our film gone? 😭

If you mean the 'old' film which we shot in 2012, it's still available here: https://vimeo.com/54554980


amazing video


amazing looking foward to 2018's

amazing and i'am really looking forward to next one

This is a great school , i've been here since reception and i wouldn't be here right now if not my school.My first year wasn't great but then i really got into the work .Now im smart and active , if you read this make sure if you want to join you can reply and i will give you more info.:P The schools teacher are great and they make the work funner than if was suppose to be!Like my teacher in y5 was the most prettiest and the most funniest teacher of the year ! Once you will get a teacher just like you :)

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