Year 5 meet year 1 present buddies!

Year 5's meeting their present buddies.

Recently year 5 classes paid a visit to meet their present buddy in year 1. Each year 5 class has been paired with a year one class and each year 5 pupil has been given the mission to create a present (a toy car) for their buddy!

The mission links with the year 5 topic which is "Magical Mechanics" in which the children are studying the book "The Invention of Hugo Cabret" in which a young boy is attempting to bring an automaton to life in the hope that it will give him a message from his father.

The children were incredibly excited to meet their present buddy and it put a real life feel to who they were making the gift for. In order to link to the national curriculum, the children have been tasked with creating a toy which involves a cam system to make it move and also to make it more interesting and interactive for their year 1 present buddy. 

There was an exciting buzz in all of the year one class rooms and the children had a great time talking to each other and finding out what their buddy wanted their present to look like. Each pair had a questionnaire to complete which included finding out about the shape of the car and any special features that they would like to include. The year fives have been requested to make characters such as fairies, princesses and even Batman driving their cars. They will be decorated to order and all of the presents are being handmade and finished with a high level of precision!