Year 3 display at Winton Library

Last term Year 3 used Talk for Writing to learn the story of Tortuga By Paul Geraghty. They then innovated these to take an animal of their choice on a journey through treacherous landscapes, narrowly escaping being eaten by a ravenous predator, all in order to protect their offspring and find a safe place to live.

Their home learning projects gave them the opportunity to further explore the animal they had chosen to be their main character and research their preferred habitat as well as whether they lay eggs or give birth to live offspring.

As well as writing the story they were inspired by the artwork in the book and also by the artist Henri Rousseau to depict specific scenes from their stories. They created these by first sketching the image, then using watercolours to create the scene and gave detail by outlining in a fine black pen.

I hope you agree that they look fantastic! 

So get youself down to Winton Library and have a read of some of the superb stories we have put on display and admire the fantastic artwork created by our Year 3s.

Winton Library offers some fantastic reading groups for children and they have a wide range of new releases for you and your children to enjoy.