Year 1 teach Year 6 a thing or two

Last week some of the Year 1s came to teach Year 6 how to tell a story with actions. As Year 1 are the experts at 'Talk for Writing' they taught Year 6 the story Little Red Riding Hood.  Year 6 watched in amazement at all the different actions, then joined in with telling the story and thoroughly enjoyed themselves, especially the lean wolf, the mean wolf!

Year 6 then made story maps and had a go at talking the story with actions.

Next week, Year 6 will be writing a Horror Story version of the well known traditional tale.


I know my son in Y1 absolutely loved this and loved performing it for year 6. We have heard this fantastic story every day for the past week and I find it brilliant that the school is integrating the works of two separate years making them feel united as a school. Well done to all involved.

I loved it when they came down. It really helped us with our story maps.

It was so nice that the year 1's showed us the story of Little Red Riding hood. After that we made our story maps of Little Red Riding hood and showed them to the year 1's.