Stupendous skeletons in Year 6

As part of their "What on Earth?" topic, Year 6 have been going underground and have been looking at the wonderful world of fossils and how these can show us how life adapted and evolved to suit their changing environment. We were lucky enough to have real fossils lent to us by Poole Museum so we could see up close how these fascinating rocks could help us determine what kind of animal had left its mark. The children across the year group were inspired by this and each class decided to create their own animal after choosing different habitats. Class discussions were held and ideas brought together until each class had their own very distinct animal. After looking at how their animal was adapted to live in the habitat they had chosen, the children discussed what may lie underneath and designed the skeleton using their knowledge of anatomy. Today, children across the year group, brought their skeletons to life creating 3D models of them. Using wire, straws and papiermache, skeletons were put together. All the children worked well as a team and collaborated with each other to create the first stage of a brilliant model. With the drying process underway, all children are excited to move on to the next stage - assembling the skeleton! Watch this space for more updates on these biological masterpieces!