Special Delivery in Year 1

Last week Year 1 received a very special delivery. We all excitedly gathered in the Year 1 base to find out what was inside a box that was addressed to all of Year 1. We were so intrigued because as we walked in, we noticed that the whole of the Year 1 base had been transformed into a cold and frosty setting with an igloo and snow. We braved the cold snow and waited, ready to find out the contents of the box.  We noticed that 'Fragile' was written on the box so we knew that we had to be gentle. We discussed what we thought might be inside and then carefully opened up the parcel. Inside was a small penguin. We were delighted that we had such an adorable guest and shared ideas as to why it had arrived at our school.


We read the letter that came with the penguin. It was from a penguin keeper and we were asked to find out as much information as possible to help them to look after the baby penguins that had recently arrived at their setting. We were asked to find out where the penguin may have come from, information about their natural habitat and most importantly what they eat. We have all taken this special job seriously and are enjoying taking care of the penguin whilst learning all about it. We are even beginning to create our very own fact cards about penguins so that we can teach others how to take care of them. We hope that our adults are enjoying all of the facts that we are sharing at home too.


Sounds mysterious