Ready, Steady....Taste!

This half term, the Year 5 children will be immersing themselves in a topic called ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire?’ As part of their English learning, the first part of this topic will involve the children working in small groups to design and make their own sandwich, with a focus on writing descriptive instructions on how to make it. Once the children have written their instructions they will use them to create an instructional video, which will be entered into a nationwide competition.

To launch this topic, the children spent the first day of the new term visiting all four Year 5 classrooms and taste-testing different sandwich fillings. They tried some common sandwich fillings such as egg with cress, tuna with sweetcorn and cheese with tomato, and they also tried some unusual combinations such as cheese with syrup, marmalade with crisps and tomato, basil and mozzarella. Although some of the children were initially dubious about trying some of these new, they took on the challenge and many of them found that these were actually the flavours that they enjoyed the most! The children were also given a variety of different breads to taste including white bread, brown bread, pitta bread, rolls and wraps. Having tasted all of the samples on offer, the children returned to their classrooms where they arranged themselves into small groups and each group chose which sandwich filling and bread they will be using for their instructional video.

Now that the decisions have been made, they can start to write their instructions, ready for the cameras to roll over the next couple of weeks.