Quad Kids Athletics League 2017 Starts!

Another busy week in the Winton sporting calendar started with the first of three Primary Quad Kids Athletics League meetings at Winton Secondary School. Teams of boys and girls from Years 3/4 and Years 5/6 competed in four events: The Standing Long Jump, The Howler Throw, a 50m or 75m sprint depending on age and a 400m or 600m run again depending on their age group. The children had an opportunity to test themselves against other schools in Bournemouth but also to show a real knowledge of their own performance as their ranking is to be shown on a website in which they can compare their own performance nationally against children from all over the country. Our children all performed well and have just two weeks to get ready for league meeting 2 on Wednesday 17th May. Thank you to all the parents that supported this longer than usual event! Your encouragement really does count for a lot. 


Well done Team Winton, you can be really proud! I can't wait to see the results.

I watched some of this and they all looked like they were enjoying themselves, shame the weather has put paid to todays meeting. Good job Mr Miller :)