Panto Pandemonium

It was a blazing July day. Crowds gathered in anticipation. Today was the day they had been all been waiting for. 


After weeks of honing their acting and performance skills, days spent designing props and costumes, and hours perfecting their sound effects, Year 4 were ready. They took to the stage and gave the performance of their lives. Despite the witch's (Ella) best efforts, the children of Winton Primary school with the help of the good fairy (Ellie) sucessfully gathered the three magical objects to oust pandemonium from Pantoland. 

Parents and teachers were so proud of the children's fantastic performance and beautiful singing.

See the full production here...



I was in it and I loved taking part in all of the songs, it was so much fun rehearsing and I was amazed by the way it turned out!!! Well done year 4!!!