Year Five children have been involved in a thought provoking introduction to Humanism. Their task was to review a series of questions which would form the basis of their religious education learning next term. As the students moved around the classrooms reviewing the questions their minds were prompted to think about Humanism, a term that most of them had not come across before. 

The children had the opportunity to simply tick a question if they wanted to know more about it. Alternatively they could write a detailed question or something they would like to investigate further. 

Enquiry strands such as: is Humanism a belief system or an attitude to life?, sparked conversations that prompted the children's curiosity. Although they have not obtained the answers to all of the questions, after the Easter holidays we have two visitors from the Bournemouth Humanist society conducting an introduction to Humanism. This will provide an opportunity to question people who are fully involved in the area and to see if the children's ideas are actually correct!