Have You Got Green Fingers?

The children in Year 2 were very excited when Miss Weston brought some very special herbs and plants into the Year 2 base. Each of the children were able to use some of their five senses to thoroughly examine and investigate the selection of plants before them.

The children were so keen to capture the moment that they asked if they could sketch the plants, so they could remember what they had experienced. Here are some of the amazing sketches that the children have drawn.


The children were very keen to find out more about plants and asked some interesting questions.

Can you find out the answer to some of their questions?

How does a seed know where the sun is?

How many plants are there in the world?

Why do some plants smell and other plants don't?

What is the tallest plant in the world?

The children will be able to search for the answers to these  questions and many more during our new topic next term (Have you got green fingers?). We think we have some green fingered children in our year group and can't wait to see how their understanding of looking after plants and what plants need to stay healthy develops during the topic. Watch this space!