Down At The Farm Landing

As a real life outcome to the Reception children’s learning for the Spring Term we have produced a non-fiction book all about farm animals, which we have taken to be displayed at Kingston Maurward Farm café. The children were very proud of their work and wanted everyone to see.  Here is a picture of the book each class produced and you can see some of their hard work that went into the books!

Whilst there we also got some hands on experience with the animals to continue our learning about habitats, how to look after living things and similarities between adult and infant animals. We also discussed some adaptations of animals.

We got to feed a variety of sheep, goats and alpacas. We had to make sure we held our hands flat and still so the animals did not nibble our fingers by mistake.

We went guinea-pig fishing. The guinea-pigs and rabbits really enjoyed trying to pinch the carrots and cabbage leaves form the pegs and were funny to watch.

The children also got to try out the new encounter zone. Here we met Emma the hawk, Princess the Shetland pony and also some chicks that were just a couple of hours old. We discussed how they were suited to live in their habitats and what special features they had like talons for catching prey, an egg tooth to hatch out of an egg and thick coat to keep warm.

Before heading home there was a chance to wander through the gardens looking for different birds and hoping to find some traces that Spring is on the way.

As you can see it was a very good but tiring day.