Care to dance my lady?

We're coming home!

The final activity on the Year 4 residential at Hooke Court was learning some Tudor dance moves.  It proved to be very difficult as it involved holding hands – screams and groans from both our Lord and Ladies but we were reassured that we did not have to marry them!!  Lord Alan taught us how to curtsey and bow.  There was a lot of walking and sliding but not like Mr Tarchetti in Gangnam style, much more refined!

We learnt about a ring dance called a Brawl, which got faster and faster often resulting in people ending up as a big heap, hence the term ‘ringleader’ and where the expression brawl (fight) comes from.

One dance, a carole, even had the same tune as Ding Dong Merrily on High (written in 1547 no less) and involved dancing in a ring then moving the Ladies on to the next Lord.

We even learnt how to hold a sword.  Hung on the left side and drawn with the right hand, it meant you could dance with your lady and still protect her if necessary!

What a busy morning.

So that is the end of our Tudor Adventure.  We have had a fantastic couple of days and are now ready and very excited about our new Tudor topic.  We will amaze you with all the facts we have learnt but also, how we can now make our beds, tidy our bedrooms, pack our own bags and clear up after dinner!  What an adventure.

WARNING - your child will be very tired and will need an early night!


Well done Year 4 , you were all well behaved and respectful. I throughly enjoyed myself and I'm looking forward to learning more about the Tudors and writing a recount of what we have already learnt.

I think the trip was amazing & we had fun dressing up like Tudors which was really cool.
Thank you to all the teachers who looked after us & made it fun.

Massive thank you to all the staff who went and looked after the children so well. I have heard so much about all your adventures and apart from a little travel sickness, Casey said she "had the best time ever!"

A BIG thank you to all the Staff for taking Year 4 on this fantastic trip. Sam has been talking non stop about his adventures. He was out like a light last night!!

The adventure was filled with laughter,action packed fun and it's also better than a whole school day. YES IT WAS THE BEST DAY EVER!!!!!

Thank you EVERYONE for making this happen.

Great to hear such lovely feedback on a truly successful trip. Year 4 you were brilliant and did Winton proud. I learnt so much too and enjoyed sharing the experience with you all. Cannot wait to see the work that follows.