Autumn walk with Reception

What a busy first week back we have had in Reception. On Thursday Cherry Class hopped on the B3 bus to the Kingfisher Centre to go on an Autumn walk. 

We were met by Sarah and James, who were going to take us pond dipping in the river and also on an autumn scavenger hunt. First we were given a clipboard and a list of things we needed to find. 

Then off we walked, through the trees keeping our eyes peeled. 

Then we were given a piece of paper with some double sided tape stuck on it. We had to find as many beautiful autumn leaves as we could to decorate our piece of paper. They were then turned into bracelets! 

Next it was time to gather as many leaves as we could and then.... throw them in the air!!!

Then it was time to go to the river. Wellies were securely on, so in we went! We had to (carefully) stamp our feet in the water, with our net next to our feet. Hoping that anything living would end up in the net. Unfortunately we caught quite a lot of stones, but we did also manage to collect some tiny river shrimps and larvae.

A wonderful time was had by all, and Cherry Class were brilliantly behaved. Well done everyone!

And a quick thank you to the parents who came along to help us, we really appreciate it, and we hope you had fun with us.