Amazing Asian Creations!

This half term Year 1 have been learning all about Asia. They have focussed their learning on four Asian countries: India, Japan, China and Singapore. Throughout the half term they have learnt lots about the geography of these countries as well as their cultures and traditions. They have learnt a Talking Story about Asia, been introduced to the flags of these countries and they have begun to recognise famous landmarks associated with these countries. Their topic challenge was to choose one of these Asian landmarks and create a model of it. And what a fantastic job the children did! We had a whole range of landmarks handed in for us to admire, from Angkor Wat, to the Khao Yai National Park and even the Great Wall of China! The children also demonstrated great imagination in the materials that they chose to create their models. There was green cous cous, pine cones, wood, clay, fern leaves, natural sponge and, most amazingly, a Taj Mahal made entirely out of marshmallow!

Well done Year 1, we are very impressed with your amazing efforts!