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Delightful Dinosaurs in 1CH

This term Year 1 have been doing some fantastic learning about dinosaurs.Their Home Learning task for this topic was to research a dinosaur of their choice and present their findings in any way that they like. And what an amazing job 1CH did of this! We have had a variety of things brought from posters to fact cards and from small, intricate dinosaur models to big moving dinosaur puppets! Miss Hill is so impressed with the hard work that the children have put in that she just had to share it with everyone. Take a look at some of their wonderful work...

Sharpie Mugs in Craft Club

Craft club have continued to work hard this term creating personalised mugs as Valentines Day gifts using Sharpie pens. The children started by drawing out 4 different mug designs and choosing their favourite. Carefully using Sharpie pens, they transferred their chosen design onto their actual mug. We saw a huge variety of designs and the mugs looked amazing.  The children have now taken the mugs home to "bake" which ensures the pens set so they can be drunk out of and washed up (but not put in the dishwasher).

Headteacher Awards

Lovely to see five amazing Year 2 writers today who had really worked hard to produce the very best written stories they could.  The teachers were exceptionally proud of what they had achieved and the children were extremely excited to share their work with me!  

Year 3 Building a Roman Settlement

As part of our Year 3 topic 'Romans are Coming', the children have built a Roman settlement.  Year 3 were lucky enough to have students from Arts University Bournemouth BA Hons Model Making course to help them design and create this project. The children have been getting stuck in creating roman houses, a bathhouse, a forum, a roman school and an aquaduct. Each class has built a quarter of the final settlement and have really enjoyed painting, working with clay and doing some paper mache. 

Budding Author!

A Headteacher Award went to a Year 4 writer today for a super project carried out at home.  For some time she has been talking about becoming an author and getting a book published.  She had written a tale about Flutter the fairy and it really was a riveting read!  It was full of super sentences, vocabulary and most of all the plot was full of twists, turns and surprises!  Based on the book she brought to show me I am certain it won't be long before we see her name in print.  Keep up your amazing writing!

Well done.

Mr Tarchetti

High Fives All Round At Netball Tournament

On Wednesday the year 6 Netball team took part in the annual ‘High 5’ Netball tournament at Bournemouth School for Girls. A total of twenty two teams took part in a highly competitive afternoon. Winton started the tournament really well with a 1-1 draw and 3-3 draw against Corpus Christi and St James schools. In a very tight game Winton lost 1-0 to St Lukes with a last minute goal! The day finished with a 4-2 win against Bethany School and Winton missed out on progressing to the knock-out stages by one point.

A Dinosaur Visits

Towards the end of January there was a rather exciting visitor to our playground.  The children were amazed to see a 38ft Iguanodon pop up on the playground at morning break!  Through the course of the day it grew and grew until, in the afternoon, the Emerald Ant theatre company performed a play for the children using the huge dinosaur as the set.  The play explained many of the beginnings of geology and palaeontology but in a fun and panto style!  There was a feast, water squirted everywhere as well as a character who had snake for a snack!

Apple Class' Trip to Streetwise

Apple class had a fantastic time visiting Streetwise. They were all really excited about their first school trip, particuarly travelling on the coach!  The children were reminded how to cross the road safely, making sure they press the button at the crossing and wait patiently for the green man. They were very excited about going to a real bus! They were taught how they must behave on the bus - staying in their seats and only moving when the bus stops.

90 Children, 9 Adults... London- Let's Go!

On Friday 20th January, Year 6 were lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit the Houses of Parliament followed by a walking tour of famous sights in London.

Headteacher Award

Great to see a home learning project from a Year 6 child today.  He had worked incredibly hard to produce a project on a famous person and was the recipient of a well deserved Headteacher Award - great home learning well done!

Mr Tarchetti


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