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Year 3 enjoy a practical learning week

Year 3 children focused on their learning during a capacity lesson.

In maths this week, year three have been woking practically to develop their understanding of weight and capacity. This has involved estimating, measuring and comparing different amounts.

In science the children conducted a fair test to investigate the effect different surfaces have on how far a toy car will roll. This links to their forces topic where they have been thinking about the effect different forces have on objects.

Reception love reading

It was World Book Day recently and Cherry Class got into the spirit by dressing up as a word. They looked so fantastic that I just had to share them in all their glory!  Over half term Cherry Class were also busy showing their love of reading. I challenged them to do some extreme reading! What is the strangest place you can read a book? Well have a look at the fun they had reading in the most random of places!

Building site-

Superb Achievement!

Last week ended on a very positive note as we presented another Taj Mahal Award in Celebration Assembly.  To reach 150 Wow points by this time of year is a real achievement and reflects seriously hard work and excellent behaviour.  Once children reach the Taj Mahal they are able to invite family into assembly, to see them get the award, as well as choose a book as their reward.  Great achievement, very well done.

Mr Tarchetti

Year 5 get Arty for Carnival!

The children in Year 5 have been supported by the students from Bournemouth Arts University to each create a mask ready for their very own carnival - happening in a few weeks (hopefully more photos will follow). They used the film Rio 2 to inspire their designs and went 'wild' with colour and glitter so that their masks really displayed the energy and passion of Rio's carnival!

Science with Mrs Weston in Year 3!!

This half term Year 3 are working with Mrs Weston, our outdoor learning lead. We will have the chance to care for our school environment, growing and harvesting food and taking part in a range of outdoor activities.

Today Mrs Weston came to help us set up some science experiemnts in Year 3.  We planted beans in see through cups so that we can watch the roots and stem sprout. We also chose where in the room to put them to test whether light and heat really would have an impact on how they grow.

Sharing Stories!

As part of our World Book Day celebrations children in Year 1 and Year 2 shared stories. They read books to each other and spent time discussing the books and what they enjoyed about them.  It was lovely to hear the children's detailed conversations about their preferences and explianing to each other what they liked.

Road Safety with AFC Bournemouth in Year 3

Year 3 had two visitors from AFC Bournemouth in recently to talk about road safety and being safe on the bus.  

David and Ben worked across the year group discussing ways to be safe on the roads.  The children joined in really well and had some very good ideas.

It was really useful and will make us think about safety when we are out and about!

Headteacher Award

Brilliant to see some Year 4 Home Learning to start this week off on a good note.  Miss Atkinson was really proud of the effort that had gone in to this super piece of work.  A wll deserved Headteacher Award - keep up the amazing work!

Mr Tarchetti

Books at Bedtime!

Once again children from across the school enjoyed Books at Bedtime as part of the World Book Day celebrations.  The purpose of the special activities in the week is to promote and encourage a love of reading.  It is also important to inject a little fun and excitement into the tricky business of becoming an avid and fluent reader!  We are hugely grateful to all the adults, parents and staff, that made it possible and about 350 children enjoyed the event over the two evenings.  Take a look at the pictures of those who came to take part enjoying themselves!

The world of Julia Donaldson - Year 1 Topic Launch

Year 1 spent a whole day exploring and finding out more about the books written by the children’s author Julia Donaldson. During the day they visited different classrooms and even got the opportunity to work with the Year 2 teachers.

The children had each book read to them and then carried out a special activity linked to the book. 

Room on the Broom

The children had the opportunity to discuss and then design their own broom – What would they include? Who would travel on their broom? What special features would it have?


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