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Mystery Suitcase in Year 3!

Year 3 had a surprise after lunch one day last week! Someone had left their suitcase in the classroom and attached to it was a message.  The message asked us to see if we could work out who the suitcase belonged to.

See if you can work it out.  Inside was!

A camera,

a torch,

an old piece of tile,

Year 5's 'Ready, Steady, Cook!' launch

On Wednesday 26th of April, Year 5 were lucky enough to have 3 brave parents volunteer to come in and share some of their favourite recipes. Each parent, with some help from the children, prepared their dishes in front of the year group and answered questions about their love of cooking.

Great News!

It was a great end to last week when several pupils were presented with their Taj Mahal Award in Celebration Assembly.  They had done particularly well to achieve this by this time of the year and we were joined by proud families to see the children awarded their books and certificates!

Winton Whole School Fun Run

On the last day of the Spring Term all of the children at Winton Primary, from reception up to Year 6, ran their hearts out in our annual whole school FUN RUN. Hesitation and fatigue were never questioned. Hard work through the power of running and being a team was the aim of the day and boy did Winton Primary show what they were ALL made from!

Headteacher Award

Super independent work this week earnt a Year 2 child a Headteacher Award.  Mrs Packer was impressed not only with his independence but also the quality of writing he had produced without any assistance.

Great independent learning - keep it up!

Mr Tarchetti

Year 4 - All Change in Swanage!

Year 4 all went out together on a trip to Swanage at the end of last term as a conclusion to our latest topic on the Victorian era.  The day was a lot of fun and we managed to take plenty of photos to share with you so that you can see what the children got up to on this rather special trip!  Please scroll down to take a look at our photos and find out what we got up to on the Isle of Purbeck!

We travelled by steam train......

How to make toast

Year 1 have been learning how to write instructions. Recently the children have been inventing their own instructions on how to make toast.

To launch this exciting writing the children physically made toast with their teacher. 

They told their teacher the ingredients and equipment they will need and then talked them through the process. The class recorded each step on the flipchart to produce a whole class set of instructions. 

Headteacher Award

Miss Atkinson was very impressed by a student who undertook to do some extra research about electricity.  She had worked very hard and shown a commendable attitude so earnt herself a Headteacher Award.  What a great start to the new term - well done!

Mr Tarchetti

Puppets in Year 2!

For our Julia Donaldson Topic in year 2, we have been busy making puppets. 

In our English lessons we have written our own stories, in this we had to think about our main character and the problem in our story. 

We have learnt to do both a running stitch and a blanket stitch around the outside of our puppet shapes. We then used lots of different materials to decorate our puppets and turn them into our characters. 

Tri Golf 2017

Another action packed morning took place at Avonbourne and Harewood secondary school at the end of last term.  Most of the primary schools in Bournemouth met to compete in the Tri-Golf championships for 2017. 12 golf stations with 4 minutes on each station; two teams with ten children in each team and a range of putting and chipping shots at a range of targets.


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