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Cricket In Year 2.

Cricket in Year 2

In Year 2 we have been lucky enough to have a cricket coach come in to teach us some ball skills. Over this half term, each class has had 2 one hour sessions, showing the children the skills used in the game of Cricket. 

We have been playing games using fielding and running techniques to gain points just like in the game. They have also been doing other activites to explore throwing and catching, and understand how it is different to a game of tennis. 

They have really enjoyed the opportunity to work in teams, and rotate around to learn all of the parts of the game. 

Cracking Cricket!

Year 3 had a great time this week with a cricket coach who came to work with us in PE.  Fortunately the weather was good and it made it easy for us to get outside and make the most of our PE lesson. We played lots of throwing and catching games and worked hard to improve our skills.

Paul was really impressed with our throwing and even more impressed with our catching!

Busy Week

Last week had another busy end with two Celebration Assemblies packed with families who joined us to celebrate their child's achievements!  Lots of children had reached their Taj Mahal Award for getting to 150 Wow points.  As well as earning the certificate they are able to choose a book and invite their family to come and see them get the award.  Well done to all of this week's pupils who achieved this feat!

Yr 4 Win Level 2 Primary Tennis Competition at Victoria Avenue

Topping off a busy sporting week Winton's three Year 3/4 Tennis teams competed at the annual primary tennis competition at Victoria Avenue Tennis club against other local schools in Bournemouth. Each team consisted of two boys and two girls, each playing six singles matches to score points for their team. Winton managed to secure more wins than 2nd place St. Lukes on the day (19-15) and overall Winton A managed to win the overall tournament with St.Lukes A coming in 2nd place.

Quad Kids Athletics League 2017 Starts!

Another busy week in the Winton sporting calendar started with the first of three Primary Quad Kids Athletics League meetings at Winton Secondary School. Teams of boys and girls from Years 3/4 and Years 5/6 competed in four events: The Standing Long Jump, The Howler Throw, a 50m or 75m sprint depending on age and a 400m or 600m run again depending on their age group.

Year 3 recreate Stonehenge!

As part of our topic on the Stone Age, year 3 have become archaeologists! We have been looking at artefacts and discussing what they could have been made from and what they could have been used for. We have also started to learn our talking text, 'The Stone Age Boy', ready to innovate it and create our own Stone Age stories next week.

Super Swimmers

Last week Winton Primary attended the annual Year 4 swimming gala at Two Rivers Meet Leisure Centre. Christchurch and Bournemouth schools competed for a trophy awarded to the school that gained the most points total from individual performances and team freestyle and mixed relay races. Our school definitely showed great support for each other and with some second place finishes in 3 of the 4 relay races, the children can feel justly proud of their achievements in the water too.

Hands-On Maths

Year 3 have been starting to learn written (column) methods of addition in Maths, however it wasn't all numbers and columns today!

We got out the place value counters and did some hands-on learning that the children loved and were able to explain exactly what they were doing!

A bit of practise first...

Year 3 Stone Age Launch

It was an exciting start to the half term in Year 3 as they began a new topic.  They started the topic off with a very exciting day where we explored a range of Stone Age activities.  The activities gave children a flavour of Stone Age life and allowed them to gain an understanding of what they would be learning about this half term!  Take a look at what they got up to.

We made jewellery...

More Celebrations!

Two great assemblies today where we were joined by proud families as we presented Taj Mahal Awards to lots of children!  It was superb to see so many children having earnt 150 Wow points so early in the year and being presented with a book of their choice and a certificate.

Well done all of you!

Mr Tarchetti


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