April 2017

Headteacher Award

Miss Atkinson was very impressed by a student who undertook to do some extra research about electricity.  She had worked very hard and shown a commendable attitude so earnt herself a Headteacher Award.  What a great start to the new term - well done!

Mr Tarchetti

Puppets in Year 2!

For our Julia Donaldson Topic in year 2, we have been busy making puppets. 

In our English lessons we have written our own stories, in this we had to think about our main character and the problem in our story. 

We have learnt to do both a running stitch and a blanket stitch around the outside of our puppet shapes. We then used lots of different materials to decorate our puppets and turn them into our characters. 

Tri Golf 2017

Another action packed morning took place at Avonbourne and Harewood secondary school at the end of last term.  Most of the primary schools in Bournemouth met to compete in the Tri-Golf championships for 2017. 12 golf stations with 4 minutes on each station; two teams with ten children in each team and a range of putting and chipping shots at a range of targets.

Super Start

A great start to the term was made by two Year 4 boys who brought in amazing home learning projects that they had completed over the holiday.  Miss Atkinson was so impressed with their work she thought they deserved a Headteacher Award.  Well done you two!

Mr Tarchetti

Year 1 Book Swap

To encourage the children's enthusiasm to read, Year 1 took part in a book swap. The children were asked to bring in a book from home that they no longer read, along with a £1 donation. They were then allowed to choose a new book from the selection to take home with them. The children really enjoyed choosing a new book and were keen to share their new books and explain why they had chosen it. Here they are with some of their selections:

Tag-Rugby Tournament

At the end of last term Winton were very fortunate to be invited to compete at the Level 3 (county standard) Tag-Rugby tournament at Bournemouth Sports Club as a result of our performance in the Bournemouth schools competition. This involved a whole day of Tag-Rugby competing against teams from all over Dorset. The emphasis was on fair play and the referees didn't keep score. They were concerned with raising the standard of rugby played throughout the day and this certainly encouraged the children to be creative with their plays.

Fiery Year 3s

Last term Year 3 started to learn how to make fires. They worked with Mrs Weston to create a fire - without matches!  This exciting activity is part of our outdoor learning and a real enhancement to the curriculum we provide.  Mrs Weston, our Outdoor Learning Lead, works with each year group for half a term to enhance their curriculum and provide opportunities for children to learn outside.

We scraped flint and steel together to make a spark, which set fire to cotton wool to start the fire.

Gruffalo Crumble!!

In Year 2 we have been enjoying our 'World of Julia Donaldson' topic. The children have reseached her work, looking at all the wonderful books she has written. In class the children have particularly focused on the story of the snail and the whale, and have innovated the strory to change the characters and setting to invent their own adventure story. We have also been looking at a story a week for our reading comprehension, looking at the meaning of words she has used and how she uses rhyme. 

Apple class trip to Honeybrook Farm

On Tuesday last week Apple class took the coach to Honeybrook Farm and had a fun filled day!  The children were very excited to visit a working farm and to learn more about the animals.

First, we had a tour around the farm, meeting Rosie a new born lamb, the goats, pigs, cows, chickens, donkeys, geese and a couple of baby chicks.

Super end to term!

As the Spring Term draws to a close it was wonderful to celebrate some more Taj Mahal certificates in assembly today.  150 Wow points is a stunning achievement for this time of year and all of the recipients should be congratulated for their exceptionally hard work and great behaviour so far this year!  It was also a pleasure to present a Headteacher Award for some brilliant Year 2 writing. 

Year one wonderful home learning!

The children in Year one have worked very hard on their home learning. The children have been learning about 'Julia Donaldson' and were challenged to create their own stories, characters and models including a character description of what their invented character likes, dislikes, enjoys and looks likes.

The children have created weird, wacky and wonderful stories and characters. They have enjoyed sharing them with teachers and friends in class and have gained wow points for their fantastic hard work. Here are a few photos of children sharing their home learning.