March 2017

Fabulous Friday!

It was a genuine pleasure to welcome some families to Celebration Assembly this morning.  Three more children, from across the school, earnt a Taj Mahal Award for gaining 150 Wow points.  A huge achievement so early in the year - very well done to all of you!

Fun with forces for Year 3!

Year 3 enjoyed investigating forces at Redhill Park recently.

Armed with their knowledge about pushes and pulls, they explored how forces work and how to increase and decrease the size of the force.

It was great to see the children learning how forces work and to discover and understand how they are affected by them in their daily lives.

Year 2 visit the Library

Year 2 have been learning all about Julia Donaldson this half term. To celebrate their learning we took a trip to Winton Library. The children walked very sensibly from school to the library and really enjoyed their visit.  When we arrived they had a tour of the library by the librarian and then had a chance to share what they had been learning about in school. 

So much drama!

In Year 4 recently, it has been jammed packed with drama opportunities. The children have acted out Alice in Wonderland scenes, to help them learn the story ready for their own Victorian Wonderland writing. They could confidently perform scenes from the story, can you guess what scene they are posing for?  In maths, we have been learning about adding and subtracting money and the children had the opportunity to buy and sell items in their imaginary shop.  

Winton Get Creative in Letters Competition.

This year School Games Organiser Sarah Dunsford has created a new ‘Letters Challenge’. Earlier in the year all the primary schools in Bournemouth were given their school name in large cardboard letters, the challenge was to be as creative as possible and get students to embellish the letters and create a title feature using the schools name. Mr Burt met with the Sports Ambassadors to generate some ideas, it soon became clear that Winton were going to create their own ‘Sports Shrine’.

Success in The Cross Country League!

The Cross Country season has now finished! After an exciting Cross Country relay race where eight of Winton's Cross Country team ran 1700m one at a time over a course at Harewood/Avonbourne Academy. After the event it was time to hear the all important final league placings for the season. With over 20 teams involved in the league this year, finishing in the top three would prove a difficult feat to achieve. However overall (Boys and Girls team scores combined over three league races) Winton managed to place 3rd. A great achievement.

Friday Celebrations

Today I presented a Headteacher Award to a member of 4BA for an amazing Home Learning Project.  It was also a pleasure to welcome several parents to assembly to see their children presented with a Taj Mahal Award.  150 Wow points at this stage of the year is a genuine achievement.

Well done everybody!

Mr Tarchetti

Tremendous Tagging at Rugby Festival!

Winton Primary were among 21 other schools who took part in the annual Tag Rugby festival. This is always an excellent event that encourages students to learn the sport of rugby without any contact. Winton were placed in a strong group and faced some other very good teams. The morning ended with 1 win and three defeats, however all the games were won by a single try! Winton were very unlucky and were excellent in all their games, in particular a brilliant team try ended with Ruqayya scoring.

1LP Class Assembly

Recently 1LP showed off all their fantastic work to their grown ups in their class assembly.  They discussed what they have been learning as part of their 'A World of Julia Donaldson' topic.  The assembly was well attended and the children were really excited to share what they had been learning.

Year 3 enjoy a practical learning week

Year 3 children focused on their learning during a capacity lesson.

In maths this week, year three have been woking practically to develop their understanding of weight and capacity. This has involved estimating, measuring and comparing different amounts.

In science the children conducted a fair test to investigate the effect different surfaces have on how far a toy car will roll. This links to their forces topic where they have been thinking about the effect different forces have on objects.

Reception love reading

It was World Book Day recently and Cherry Class got into the spirit by dressing up as a word. They looked so fantastic that I just had to share them in all their glory!  Over half term Cherry Class were also busy showing their love of reading. I challenged them to do some extreme reading! What is the strangest place you can read a book? Well have a look at the fun they had reading in the most random of places!

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