December 2016

7th Day of Christmas

Our eldest children's seasonal performance focussed on how Christmas is celebrated in different countries and cultures around the World.  It had a clear multi-cultural theme and drew comparisons to other religious festivals celebrated at this time of year.  The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and also learnt a lot about the different global traditions relating to Christmas.  For the singing element they chose to perform some contemporary Christmas classics!  Here is the first song they have chosen to share with you as part of our twelve festive offerings!

6th Day of Christmas

Next up, in the seasonal treats we are offering through our website, are Years 3 and 4!  Children in these two year groups performed a contemporary Christmas production and the quality of their singing really stood out.  I personally enjoyed the performance, not just because of the quality, but also because of how much the children enjoyed themselves when performing.  It really was a delight to see.  Here is the first song they have chosen to share with you.

5th Day of Christmas

The last few weeks of term saw a variety of seasonal performances by different parts of the school.  Our Fifth Day of Christmas performance comes from Year 1 and 2.  They did an amazing job when they performed to their parents and they have re-created one of the songs for your entertainment!  Follow the link below to hear them perform their favourite song from the performance.  Great job Years 1 and 2, you did us proud!

4th Day of Christmas - Year 6 Christmas Blues!

Our fourth day of Christmas treat is the result of Year 6 music lessons with Mr Wallace.  During the last half term Year 6 have been learning how to play the blues. As well as learning set rhythms and musical phrases, they also had the opportunity to improvise their own music and this can be heard in the following clip, which they performed to the rest of Key Stage 2 in assembly on the last day of term. We hope you enjoy it, although it isn't particular to Christmas the glockenspiels give it a festive sound!

3rd Day of Christmas - 1CH get creative!

Our third seasonal offering comes from 1CH!  

2nd Day of Christmas - Panto Time Again? Oh Yes It Is!

In what seems to have become an annual tradition, in the last week of term the children were 'treated' to the obligatory pantomime. As usual, there was no need to employ the expertise of a professional theatre company when all of the necessary, ahem, 'talent' existed amongst existing staff. This year's performance was written and directed as usual by the multi-skilled Mr. Cooper. Huge thanks to Mr Cooper for all his hard work and to Mrs Wallen and Mrs Taylor for hours of work on scenery and costumes!  So put your feet up, grab a mince pie or turkey sandwich, brace yourself...

First Day of Christmas - Winter Wonderland

A very Merry Christmas from everyone at Winton Primary School!

School has been so busy in the run up to Christmas that we have decided to share a highlight with you for each of the twelve days of Christmas!  Here is the first...

In recent weeks the topic in Year 2 has been 'Winter Around the World'. The teaching assistants have done an amazing job of decorating our base area as a winter wonderland ready for this topic.  The children have been immersed in a real winter as a result of the hard work of their teaching assistants! 

Marshmallow Snowmen

As term drew to a close Year 2 were working hard to make festive decorations and on a range of seasonal activities.  One of their favourite activities was making some yummy marshmallow snowmen!  The children decorated biscuits with icing and then used marshmallows as snowmen.  Have a look at the pictures below to see how the Year 2 children got on with this tricky task!

Ralph the Reindeer

Year 2 worked really hard with Year 1 to get ready for their festive nativity. 

This year the nativity chosen was called Ralph the Reindeer and told the story of how Rudolph caught a cold just before Christmas and Ralph the Reindeer tried to save Christmas. 

The children worked really hard to learn all the songs and put on a great show.

2NH dressed up as reindeers.

2SP dressed up as snowflakes.

5VT Scientists

As term drew to a close 5VT were still hard at work.  They set up a science experiment to see whether they could mix oil and water. To do this, children worked in groups of four and after writing up their question and hypothesis, they poured water into a beaker until it was a third full. They then used sunflower oil to half fill the beaker. They dropped in a few drops of red food colouring and then an aspirin tablet.

Ukulele madness in Year 6

In December Year 6 were lucky enough to take part in a Ukulele workshop run by the Utterly Butterly Ukulele Project. 

The workshop, which was run by Nutter and The Professor, allowed the children to all make their own ukuleles out of an empty butter pot, a plank of wood and 4 pieces of fishing wire. 

After they were tuned, the children learnt a variety of songs including The Utterly Butterly song and Pie and Bubble. After a very quick practise, they were all ready to perform. Their audience was made up of Year 5 and Year 3 students.