November 2016

Year 3 Tennis

Year 3 have started their tennis coaching at Victoria Avenue this week. They walked very sensibly down to the tennis courts and really impressed Mr Burt with their maturity and enthusiasm. All the tennis coaches thought they behaved and played brilliantly! Well done 3SB and 3LB, a fantastic first session. Maybe we'll have the next Andy Murray in year 3!

More Great Work

For the second day in a row I have awarded a Headteacher Award for super home learning.  This Year 5 had teamed up with his dad to make a working castle model with a roll out moat, moving portcullis and drawbridge.  Mrs James was also impressed and promised it a place in the library after the class finish the topic.  Great work - well done!

Mr Tarchetti

Primary Table Tennis Championships 2016

This week Winton took a boys and a girls team to the Dorset Primary School's Table Tennis Championships at Harewood School. It was a fantastic day for the children as it did not only involve competition against other schools in Dorset but it also involved watching an exhibition match with England international Matt Ware as well as participating in a coaching session working on key skills and the rules of the game. The progress seen throughout the day was quick and great to watch.

More super work!

What a positive start to the week when I saw this Year 4 child for some super home learning.  He had worked extremely hard to produce a diary recount to be proud of and made sure that his homework was as good as his writing in school.  Brilliant work well done!

Year 1 Bonfire

Year 1 celebrated the end of their 'Down in the Cellar' topic with a bonfire. The children worked very hard learning about Guy Fawkes and how he had planned to kill King James I by putting gunpowder under the Houses of Parliament. 

The children performed a talking text called 'The Gunpowder Plot' as well as their talking poem 'Firework Night'. Lots of parents came and joined in with the fun. The children were able to buy bags of popcorn and lollipops and raised money for their outdoor learning area.

Happy Diwali from Year 3!

Year 3 launched their new topic 'Why can't you see in the dark?' which is all about light, dark, shadows and Diwali. We had a Diwali morning where we tried lots of different things that Hindus do during the festival of Diwali.  We made rangoli patterns and found out that they actually go by the front door of people's houses to welcome visitors in.

Headteacher Awards

A busy day for Headteacher Awards today as I saw two members of 4BA who had produced some excellent home learning projects on the Ancient Egyptians.  They were follwoed by some super writers from Cherry class who had worked hard to do some excellent writing about the Gingerbread Man!

Brilliant work well done to all of you!

Mr Tarchetti

Fire Fire!

We have just started our transport topic, and to get the children excited about it, we have started by talking about emergency vehicles.  This week we have been lucky enough to have a visit from the Fire Service and the Police too.  On Tuesday afternoon, all of us went outside to have a tour of the fire engine. 


We tried on some of their equipment, and even got to use their hoses!

Egyptian Launch

Year 4 put their enquiry skills into superb use this week, as they took on the role of archeologists investigating different Ancient Egyptian artefacts. They had to make detailed observations and discussed their ideas for what different objects may have been used for and where they might have been found. Year 4 also came up with several questions that they would like to find the answer to as part of the Egyptian topic and we have already had several fantastic pieces of home learning, which have taught the rest of the class about Egyptian Gods.

4DB Win the First Ever Inter-Tennis Competition!

At the end of last half term the whole of year 4 took part in an ‘Inter-Tennis’ competition at Victoria Avenue Tennis Club. After several training sessions which focused on key skills and cardio fitness, the children all came together to compete and find out which class were the tennis champions! For ninety minutes one hundred and twenty students played mini tennis matches to earn points for their class, this enabled students to display the skills they have developed and demonstrate their improved fitness levels.

Superb effort

What a lovely start to the week I had when I gave someone in Year 4 a Headteacher Award today.  This young writer does not find handwriting, or writing lots, very easy.  However, for homework this weekend, he persevered and did not give up and he finished an outstanding bit of writing.  He was able to talk with me about how it is good to stick at things we find difficult and keep trying because when we finish we feel more proud than when we do things that are easy!