October 2016

Year 5 Spooky Story Movies

At the end of our topic ‘What’s lurking in the woods?’ the children were asked to prepare and perform spooky stories they had written themselves. Some children performed these as part of our spooky stories evening (look out for another blog about this), but some recorded their performances and iMovie was used to add sound effects and background screens. The final videos can be seen below – be prepared to be scared!

Super Year 2 Writers!

In Year 2, we have been re-telling the story 'Kaspar Prince of Cats' as part of our Titanic topic.  We have used the story as the basis for lots of our Literacy work and got to know the story really well.  Once the children were familiar with the story then they began to prepare to write their own stories.  Then the children began to innovate their own stories based on the talking text.

Escaped Pebble Pets in Year 3!

Year 3 went on a hunt around school to find their escaped pebble pets!

The pebble pets left us a note telling us they were bored of waiting for someone to look after them and they had gone looking for new owners.  As soon as the children got the note they began to hunt the grounds for the neglected pets!

We searched all around and finally found them on the field, thank goodness they hadn't gone too far!

Year 2 Super Home learning models

In Year 2 we have been learning about the Titanic. The children have learnt about what happened when it sank andsome of the possible reasons for the disaster happening. 

They were set the challenge of recreating the Titanic as a home learning task.

Take a look at the fabulous models that our clever Year 2s have made.  They really do looking amazing! 

Sports Star of the week!

The first pupil has been awarded the Winton Primary Sports Star of the week! After an amazing run in the first of the BSSA cross country league this young man finished second out of one hundred and fifty competitors! Mr Millar and Mr Burt were hugely impressed with this performance and felt that he should become the first student to receive the weekly award.  This will continue throughout the year and students who show good sports skills or commitment to the sportsmanship values will be awarded the prize and get to keep the trophy in their class for the week.

Saltdough sea creatures!

Children in year one have had a fantastic time making saltdough creatures as part of our 'Finding Dory' topic. The children worked hard at making various sea creatures, including seahorses and octopuses. They were then able to help cook the saltdough in the outside ovens at school. Wow! What amazing sea creatures and luckily fantastic weather!

Growth mindset drawing in year 3

We have been working really hard on our mindset in year 3 and the importance of having a 'growth' mindset. If you have a growth mindset you always try your best, learn from mistakes, challenge yourself to improve and never give up! Here are some pictures of us improving our Quentin Blake style drawings.


Winton Sporting Star Of The Week

This week Winton's Sport Star of the week award goes to a pupil from 3LJ. She impressed Mr. Millar and Mr. Burt with her fantastic handball skills in a Year 3 handball tournament. Her quick movements were a key aspect to her team doing well and her match winning goal in one game was great to watch. She gets to keep the trophy all week and receives it in a celebration assembly. Well done!.

Year 4 Exciting Write!

This morning, Year 4 became journalists and produced newspaper articles based on the event called Pigeon Impossible. The children used short, catchy headlines in their writing such as; Bagel Bonanza, Pigeon Chaos and Pigeon Pie. 4DB enjoyed writing whilst listening to music and watching the bubbles fall! Well done for your hard work, you produced some excellent and exciting pieces of writing. 

Chocolate Rocks in Year 3

In Year 3 we have been looking at how rocks are formed. In a science experiment we recreated the three types of rocks using chocolate.  We grated milk and white chocolate and layered it up to form a sedimentary rock. After we created igneous rocks by melting the chocolate and letting it cool. Finally, we created metamorphic rocks by applying heat and pressure to a sedimentary rock.

5Vt Innovate Suspense Stories

5VT have been learning about suspense writing in English for the past two weeks. First we looked at lots of different stories and picked out what made them good before trying to innovate our own. Next week the class will invent their own spooky stories creating characters, settings and plots themselves.