July 2016

An ‘alternative’ Olympic Games!

On the morning of the 14th July, Year Four took part in a very special event – an alternative Olympic games! Having recently just finished learning about the Olympic and Paralympic values (friendship, respect, excellence, determination, courage, equality, inspiration), instead of running a sporting event, each class came up with four ‘alternative’ Olympic challenges designed to give everybody the chance to succeed.

Year 6 Leavers Video

...and here it is! The Official 2016 Leavers Video is now on YouTube. Please like, share and enjoy. You can also download the Year 6 group photo that appears on the front of the yearbook from here. Have a great summer!




Year Four's Artist Tour of Europe

On Wednesday 13th July 2016 Year Four had a special day of arts and crafts to celebrate the wide range of famous artists found in Europe. During the day, we visited: Greece, where we learned about geometric patterns and mosaics; France, where we studied the work of Henri Matisse and created abstract artworks; Italy, where we studied the work of Leonardo da Vinci and created our own versions of the Mona Lisa; and Spain, where we looked at the work of Picasso and created abstract portraits.

Winton's artwork exhibited in The National Gallery!

On Saturday 9th July, eighty-four excited children and adults travelled by coach to London to visit The National Gallery to see an exhibition that included artwork they had created in the autumn term.

Back in September last year, the whole school took part in The National Gallery’s ‘Take One Picture’ project. This project uses a work of art chosen by The Gallery as a stimulus for cross-curricular learning; this year the painting chosen by The Gallery was Thomas Gainsborough’s ‘Mr and Mrs Andrews’.  

Bon appetit!

Last Monday, Year 4 were taken by surprise when they arrived at school and were taken straight into the hall by their teachers. Little did they know that they would be visiting a French cafe, 'Le cafe de Winton' in order to eat a traditional French breakfast! 

Building Bridges

When year 2 visited Bournemouth as part of their current topic Beside the Sea, they were impressed with all the different bridges they found. The most amazing part of the trip was walking through Bournemouth Gardens and standing under the huge bridge that forms part of the Wessex Way.

Summer Soaking

Our fabulous PFA organised a superb fayre today, putting on a range of stalls and activities for family fun.  There were bouncy castles, inflatable fun, radio control cars as well as tombolas, raffles and games to play!  It was a well supported event with hundreds coming out to join the fun in the sun.  Volunteers on the barbecue were kept busy with a constant demand for food and drink and one of the highlights was soak the teacher!  Mr Millar, Mrs Browne and Mr Mitchell joined in the fun and even Mr Tarchetti took a turn in the paddling pool!

Greek Olympics Year 5

The opening ceremony 2016

Another bumper crowd joined year 5 on a glorious sunny day to celebrate their topic landing. Sparta, Corinth, Athens and Argos took part in a mini-olympics to see who would be named the greatest city state of ancient Greece. The events included the long jump, 100 metre sprint, javelin, and a true crowd favourite - the chariot race! Competitors and spectators were thrilled by the unique events on display, and as the temperature began to rise, refreshments and snacks made by the year 5 children were in high demand.

Be Happy!

Glee club have teamed up with Apple and Cherry class to sing a song for you.   We hope are having a lovely week and remember 'Don't Worry, Be Happy'.



1LY's Class Assembly!

1LY had been working really hard to prepare for their class assembly and on Tuesday; it all paid off! There was a huge turn out and 1LY put on a great show for their audience. This year, 1LY have learnt so much in their Topic sessions that they couldn't decide what they wanted to share! In the end, they gave the audience snippets of information they had been learning about since Autumn term before WOWING them with all of their 'A Taste of Asia' learning!

Year 4 Habitat Hunt!

In the afternoon of Thursday 7th July, Year 4 explored Redhill Common to find the various habitats of the wildlife there. The children made a tally of the potential habitats they spotted within the forest such as; dead wood piles, flower beds,leaf litter, and young trees and used thier knowledge of habitat importance to judge how good an enviroment this area is for the local wildlife. The children looked high and low to see evidence of habitats belonging to birds, foxes, insects and spiders as well as rabbits.