June 2016

Year 6 tasting session

This week, Year 6 have been getting into the Olympic spirit ready for Rio 2016. They were tasked with creating a main meal for an athlete who is part of Team GB. To get them started, the students tasted a range of different foods and talked about their taste and flavour and whether or not they liked them. There were a few surprises. Olives proved a hit in 6EG, JW couldn't stand them. The prawns divided the year but the fiery taste of radish was an overall success. After tasting, the students got into groups to come up with an ideal recipe for their athlete.

Headteacher Awards

What a delight to see two Year 2 writers today.  They could tell me what they had been working on, how they improved their writing and were really proud of the changes they had made to their work.  A great growth mindset and willingness to challenge themselves - well deserved Headteacher awards!

Collaboration in Year 1

Last week Year 1 had their collaboration morning with Moordown St John's and St Mark's. Some children visited Moordown St John's, some children visited St Mark's and the rest of Year 1 welcomed the two other schools to Winton.

As part of their Asia topic the children created Indian art work. They looked at images of rangoli patterns, mendi hands and Indian saris to help them create their own designs for a tile.

First the children planned their designs using stencils for trickier pictures such as elephants and flowers. 


Last Friday saw a mix of Ruby and Diamond Awards presented to children who have worked hard and behaved well throughout the year.  They invited family to come and see them get their award and prize and it was a pleasure to see so many children achieving these awards.

Year 2 Bee Art Gallery at Bournemouth Library

It's the final week to view the Year 2's artwork which is on show at Bournemouth Library.  The Gallery is open until 4pm On Friday 1st July. The children's creative pieces of art which are based on our bee topic are on display, free for the public to view.  Very impressive for 6/7 year olds, they should be proud! The children will be able to view their own work when we visit Bournemouth on Tuesday but if you would like to see the gallery in all its entirety, then please visit the 2nd floor at the top of Bournemouth Library in The Triangle.

Year 4's RSPB visitors

On Thursday 22nd June Year 4 were lucky enough to be visited by the RSPB. Each class had about an hour session where they were able to learn about local wildlife and the habitats it needs. The children learned that the RSPB does not only look after birds but it works to give all nature a home! First, the children discussed the relative importance of different habitats and that even though a bird house is great it does not replace the habitat of a large tree because a bird house will only provide habitat for a few birds whereas trees often home a whole food chain of wildlife.

Headteacher Awards

More great Reception writers earnt a Headteacher Award today for their really neat handwriting.  They had worked really hard when writing to improve their joined up writing and their neatness.  Take a look at their super writing.

Mr Tarchetti

Year 1's Super Home Learning

Year 1 are learning about Asia. Over the past few weeks they have learnt about India, China and Japan. 

They were set the challenge to re create a famous landmark in Asia for home learning.

Take a look at their work.

Superb Writer

What a pleasure to see a child from Reception today who had improved her handwriting hugely!  What a great improvement and some lovely writing, a well deserved Headteacher Award.

Town Sports 2016

Recently athletes from Winton Primary were selected to compete at this years Town Sports - the annual athletics event in Bournemouth that has everything from the high jump, hurdles and 75m sprint to the long jump, cricket ball throw and 4x100m relay. In all there were 40 events not including a relay and hurdles qualifying event where the outcomes had already been decided from the week before.

Another Good Week

It was a brilliant Celebration Assembly once again today with lots of Ruby Awards and even one Diamond!  Fantastic to see so many children being rewarded for good behaviour and hard work - well done!

Mr Tarchetti